AP Inter Advance Supple Fee Notification 2017 – Check Exam Fee Dates & Exam Dates from 15th To 23rd May 2017

AP Inter Advance Supple Fee Notification 2017 – Check Exam Fee  Dates & Exam Dates from 15th To 23rd May 2017

Rc. No. 43/C25-4/March 2017, Date: 13-04-2017

Sub: - BIE AP-I.P.E March 2017– First & Second year General & Vocational candidates–-Dispatch of Memorandum of Marks & E.N.Rs– Due dates for Payment of Examination fee for IPASE May/June 2017- Communicated-Reg.
Ref: - This office Press Release Rc.No.43/C25-4/2017, date:13-04-2017.

Please find here with enclosed documents pertaining to First & Second year General & Vocational Candidates who appeared for Intermediate Public Examinations, March 2017 pertaining to your college.

The parcel containing the above documents should be opened in the presence of two Senior Lecturers and the contents should be got verified in accordance with the details mentioned above. If there is any discrepancy in the number of Memo of Marks received with reference to the number noted against and also with reference to the Nominal Rolls of I.P.E. March 2017, it should be brought to the notice of the Board of Intermediate Education on the same day to the name address of Sri G. Rajasekhar Reddy, Joint Secretary (Exams-II)FAC for General students & Sri V. Ramesh, Joint Secretary (Voc), for Vocational students, Board of Intermediate Education, A.P., Nagarjuna Nagar colony, Vijayawada.
Please acknowledge the receipt of all the above documents by return of post.

The Memorandum of Marks will be dispatched to all the Regional Inspection Officers concerned within four days after deceleration of the results. The Principals of the colleges are requested to collect them from the R.I.Os concerned on 18-04-2017. The students can obtain their memorandum of marks from the Principals thereafter.

The Memorandum of Marks should be first verified in accordance with the rules of validation provided in the Examination Manual before they are issued to the candidates. If there is any discrepancy, it should be brought to the notice of the Joint Secretary (Exams-II) / Joint Secretary (Vocational), Board of Intermediate Education, through the Principals concerned on or before 12-05-2017.

Memorandum of Marks should be handed over to the candidates only after taking the Signature on the following DECLARATION printed on the back side of the Memo of Marks.

I declare that my Name, Father’s name, Mother’s name, photograph and signature printed on the Memo of Marks are found correct as per the Original Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or its equivalent.
Date: Signature of the Candidate.

In respect of candidates, whose results are withheld the Principals are requested to furnish the required information for release of their results on top priority.

All the Second year candidates who have not registered for I.P.E March 2017 along with those Malpractice candidates permitted by the B.I.E are also eligible to appear for Advanced Supplementary Examinations, May/June 2017. The Principals are requested to prepare and submit the MNRs of Attendance Exempted candidates, Ex-Regular, failed & Malpractice eligible candidates who have paid examination fee for IPASE May 2017 and whose names are not found in the Second year ENR data provided online.

The following are the rates and due dates for payment of examination fee for Advanced Supplementary Intermediate Public Examinations, May/June 2017 which are scheduled to be held from 15-05-2017 to 23-05-2017.

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