Orientation programme on learningg outcomes to teacher educators and teachers for RC.121

Orientation programme on learningg outcomes to teacher educators and teachers for RC.121


Proc. Rc. 121/B/C&T/SCERT/2016                                                                        Dated: 15-7-2017

Sub:     SCERT, AP, Amaravati – School Education Department – Orientation on Learning Outcomes to Teacher Educators and Teachers – 1-day Orientation Programme on 21-7-2017 for Primary Level, 22-7-2017 for Upper Primary Level at KAY Hotel, Vijayawada - Deputation of Resource Persons – Req.-Reg.

Ref:-    1)   From The Secretary, DSE&L, MHRD, GoI, D.O. No.16-3/2016 EE.17/EE.13, Dated 21-3-2017.
            2)   File No. C. No. 550605/Prog. II/A1/2017, dated 28-4-2017 from Deputy Secretary, to Education, Andhra Pradesh.

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            Government of India, MHRD developed learning outcomes to assess the achievement levels of the students on census basis across India.  MHRD instructed all the states to translate these learning outcomes into their regional languages.  The survey of NAS is also based on these learning outcomes.  Hence there is need of intensive training and awareness on learning outcomes to all stakeholders.  In this connection SCERT AP translated these learning outcomes and communicated the soft copy to all the DEOs and DIET Principals earlier.  And also invited suggestions and opinions on Learning Outcomes.

              Hence all the DEOs are informed to constitute district level teams consisting of one DIET lecturer, AMO, SSA one Dy. EO and four subject expert teachers i.e., One SGT per subject (Telugu, English, EVS, Mathematics) for Primary level and six subject teachers for High School level One School Assistant per subject (Telugu, English, Urdu, Mathematics, Physical Science, Biological Science and Social Studies).   SCERT AP is conducting intensive training to all these district team members.   In turn they have to train the Mandal level committees consisting of MEO, four Primary level subject experts and six High School subject experts. These Mandal level committees will train the Headmasters at Mandal level and teachers at school complex level. Hence all the DEOs are informed to prepare a detailed plan of action to conduct trainings in their respective districts.

  In this connection SCERT AP is conducting one day intensive training on learning outcomes to Primary and High School level district teams.  One DIET Lecturer, AMO SSA, one Dy. E.O and Primary level team members should attend the training on 21-7-2017 and High School Level team members should attend on 22-7-2017at Kay Hotel Vijayawada.

In this regard all the District Educational Officers and DIET Principals are requested to inform the team members to bring text books and to report Dr. K. Pandu Ranga Swamy, Professor, and SCERT. Primary level team members should report on 21-7-2017 at 9:00 A.M and High School level team members should report on 22-7-2017 at 9:00 A.M at Kay Hotel, Vijayawada.
DIET Lecturers, AMO, Dy.EO, Four Primary Teachers from each District
High School Level subject teachers from each district, Representatives from APTWRS, APREIS, APSWRS, APMS, KGBVs, Municipal School Administration

Secretary of APTWRS, APREIS, APSWRS, APMS, KGBV, Municipal Administration are also informed to depute one representative who is look after academics to the One day Training.
                                                                         Prof. M.V. Rajya Lakshmi
                                                                          SCERT, Andhra Pradesh